The company has a registered trademark under the name EL APOSTADOR (THE GAMBLER) under the laws of property and industrial protection in Peru at the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI). This brand is planned to develop businesses in the gaming industry in the region, currently available for partnership with international investors and suppliers. It has domain and base hosting on the internet

According to the business plan of the EL APOSTADOR project our company has signed strategic agreement with the outlets of a major National Federation of Journal, Magazine and Lottery Sellers. This federation has more than 15,000 outlets strategically located throughout the country. This agreement was signed in August 2020 between the company and the federation to provide sales and value-added services to the project.

Global Business Company of Peru S.A.C. can also provide sales channel operation and market penetration services through the network of federation outlets for international companies with investment and operation projects in lottery games, sports betting, online casino and other similar games permitted by law in Peru.