About Us

Global Business Company of Peru S.A.C. was founded and incorporated in September 2016 under the laws and regulation of companies in the Republic of Peru, being its founder and principal shareholder Mr. Jonathan Felix, all partners are Peruvian nationals.

The company through its founder, partners and collaborators has more than 25 years of experience in the gambling, public relations, technology, telecommunications, financial services and mass consumption industry.

We have pioneered and participated in the implementation of value-added technologies and services in the business sectors in which we develop our activities; We also study and closely monitor market developments in the region, end-consumer behavior, laws, regulation, product and service providers, allowing us to identify business opportunities.

We know the reality of the region and each market which allows us to provide our business advisory and development services to international and local investors. We have a network of collaborators of recognized trajectory and experience in Peru and the whole region which allows us to provide our services and business development in a safe and fast way.

In the area of Public Relations we provide comprehensive advice for participation in all official events organized by governments and public institutions such as international public tenders, among others. We know that the management of the image and reputation of companies, their products, services and the contribution in social responsibility to society as a whole are very important to achieve the construction and maintain good long-term relationships between companies and society.

For the development of our services and businesses we have strategic partners with recognized track record and experience providing technological solutions in the gaming, technology, telecommunications, software and hardware industry globally.