• The main objective of this notice is to inform our customers, prospects of customers, national and international private companies that develop business or have established communication with GLOBAL BUSINESS COMPANY DE PERU S.A.C. (hereinafter THE COMPANY) complies with the provisions contained in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data issued in the Republic of Peru – (Law No. 29733), its Regulations and complementary rules.

  • THE COMPANY may request its customers, suppliers, workers, applicants, and in general the users of this website or APP (hereinafter, Holders of Personal Data) personal data for the following purpose:

    • For the promotion of the company's services.
    • For commercial purposes related to the services offered by THE COMPANY.
    • For verification and consultation of information from customers and suppliers.
    • To share information between company companies whose need will be strictly related to the provision of the common services borrowed by these.

    It is expressly established that THE COMPANY recognizes the right of The Holders of Personal Data to express their refusal regarding the use and processing of your personal data, when they consider that the information provided does not perform any of the functions described above, or if the data provided are not necessary for the establishment of a contractual relationship. This without prejudice to the right of withdrawal of consent previously granted by the Owner of the Personal Data or to exercise its right of opposition to the use of its data in terms of the applicable provisions, rights that in any case will be guaranteed by the company at all times.

    The Personal Data provided will be incorporated, as appropriate, into the databases of: (i) customers (ii); as well as other databases of THE COMPANY and/or third parties with which they maintain a contractual relationship for the purposes described above may be incorporated or reorganized for the same purposes.

  • THE COMPANY may obtain information about the Holder of Personal Data, by any means permitted by law, including but not limited to obtaining it personally or through electronic platforms and/or websites. The Holder of Personal Data, by entering his/her data on the Website, App or its delivery in person, expressly authorizeS THE COMPANY and/or its authorized administrative staff to process the information provided in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data – Law No. 29733, its Regulations and complementary. THE COMPANY will process and protect the Data Subject's data through digital, technical and/or administrative means to ensure an optimal level of security.

    THE COMPANY is responsible for storing the information provided by the Owner of personal data with absolute reservation and confidentiality, committing to take all necessary control and security measures to prevent alteration, use, processing, loss and / or access by unauthorized third parties. The Owner of the Personal Data expressly declares that all the information that he makes available to THE COMPANY is accurate, true and provided in good faith, expressly releasing by this act the COMPANY from any liability in relation to the veracity of such information, the same that includes more is not limited to the personal, labor, heritage and personal references of the Owner of the Personal Data. "None of the data requested and collected by THE COMPANY from our customers is considered to be sensitive data as established by the Personal Data Protection Act."

  • The personal data collected by THE COMPANY, will be diligently stored in the banks of personal data owned by THE COMPANY, which are called "CUSTOMERS".


    The Personal Data Subject is responsible for the accuracy, veracity and authenticity of the data you provide. The Holders of Personal Data shall have the right to access their personal data that has been collected, make corrections to them if they are inaccurate or incomplete, request their deletion when they consider that they are not necessary for any of the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy when it is legally appropriate, and; to object to the use or processing of your data, in terms of the Law and applicable provisions. The Personal Data Subject may exercise its rights of access, information, rectification, cancellation, opposition and revocation to the use of your personal data by directing your request with the requirements requested in the Law and other applicable rules in person or to the following electronic address

  • The Owner of the Personal Data may at any time inform THE COMPANY of its willingness to revoke the consent that it has previously given it for the processing of its personal data, for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy established. As a result of the revocation of the consent THE COMPANY. the processing of these will cease, except in those cases expressly established in article 14 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which regulates the cases in which it will not be necessary to obtain the consent of the Owner of the Personal Data for its processing. It should be noted that the revocation of consent will not have retroactive effects under any circumstances.

  • The Personal Data Subject may directly exercise its rights of access, information, rectification, cancellation, opposition and revocation to the use of your personal data - directly through a legal representative - by directing its request with the requirements requested by law and other applicable rules, directing its request to the following email address: A copy of the Personal Data Subject's ID and, if applicable, in addition to that of its representative, must be appended to the request as an attachment. The following information shall also be provided:

    • Names and surnames of the right holder and a copy of his/her identity (DNI or Alien Meat).
    • If applicable, identification data of the representative of the Holder of Personal Data, copy of his/her identity document (ID or Alien Meat), and a letter of power (with legalized signatures) granted by the Data Subject Personal.
    • Specific request giving rise to the request.
    • Address and/or email, for the purposes of the corresponding notifications.
    • Date and signature of the applicant.
    • Documents that support the request, if applicable.

    In addition, the Owner of the Personal Data - or his representative - must indicate through what means THE COMPANY must provide the requested information, which may be (i) in writing, copy or photocopy; (ii) by electronic transmission, for which the e-mail address to which the information is to be forwarded must be indicated; u (iii) another suitable and reasonable way. The revocation of the authorization does not require any motivation on the part of the Holder

    Personal Data. Upon receipt of an application, THE COMPANY shall have a period of ten (10) working days to comment on non-compliance that cannot be saved ex officio, giving the applicant a maximum period of five (5) working days to remedy them, otherwise the application shall be un filed. From the date on which the request is received, a period of fifteen (15) working days will be calculated to respond to the Data Subject. In the case of the exercise of the right of access, the period will be twenty (20) working days from the the day after the application is filed.

  • If the personal data entered by the Personal Data Holder are not necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations resulting from the legal relationship between himself and the Holder of the Personal Data, the former may request the COMPANY. limiting the disclosure, use and/or transfer of such data by express request following the procedure set out in this article V of these Policies. If such an order is appropriate, THE COMPANY will detail the personal data expendable for its legal relationship with the Holder of Personal Data, which will be excluded from the personal data bank within 15 (fifteen) working days of the submission of the application for withdrawal.

  • The Personal Data provided by its Owners may be shared between companies related to THE COMPANY. In the case of transfer of the data to third parties, THE COMPANY will make every effort to ensure that the recipients act in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 29733 – Law on the Protection of Personal Data and its Regulations; such personal data will only be used for the processing purposes set out. Representatives and collaborators may engage, in a non-limiting manner, in carrying out activities of a similar turn to THE COMPANY. or be linked to THE COMPANY. for a contractual relationship. The above includes, but is not limited to collection firms, financial institutions (domestic or foreign), Insurance institutions and/or bonds, and natural and legal persons who provide services to THE COMPANY.

  • Your personal data may be shared with our storage software providers which are located outside Peru thus implying a cross-border flow of personal information and data.

  • The Owner of the Personal Data grants its express agreement and empowers THE COMPANY. to make transfers in the cases provided for in this Privacy Notice, to the third parties mentioned in the item "Revocation of Consent". and in accordance with the purposes set out there.

  • The personal data that make up our personal databases will be stored indefinitely, unless the owner of the personal data requests the Cancellation of these as part of their ARCO rights, using the procedures established for this purpose.

  • The Owner of the Personal Data who has access to the "Website or App", agrees to receive the Cookies transmitted to them by the servers of THE COMPANY. A cookie is any type of "File" or "Device" that is downloaded to a "Terminal Equipment" (Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablet or other) of any "Personal Data Holder" (both Physical Person and Legal Person), for the purpose of Storing Data (from a few Kilobytes to many Megabytes) and that may be updated and/or retrieved by the Entity responsible for the installation. A Cookie may not read the data or information from the Personal Data Subject's hard drive or read Cookies created by other sites or pages. These Terms of Use and Privacy apply only to the services of THE COMPANY. The company has no control over the websites displayed as search results or links that are included in our "Website".

    These independent sites may send their own cookies or other files to your computer, collect data, or ask you to submit personal information. Social networks are a platform of communication and interconnection between digital platforms of the different users, which are outside the COMPANY. and, therefore, they are not at their own risk. The information and data provided by the Owner of Personal Data within the social networks of which THE COMPANY is a user, do not constitute at any time some of the personal or sensitive information subject to the protection of this Privacy Policy, being the responsibility of the company providing that platform and the person who publishes it.

  • Any modification in whole or in part to the provisions listed in this Privacy Policy will be made known through any of the following means: a written communication sent to the address of the Owner of the Personal Data or published within the premises of THE COMPANY.; a message sent to your email or mobile phone; a message released through any electronic means you use to celebrate operations with THE COMPANY.

  • In order to continuously improve our processes, THE COMPANY may make modifications and corrections to this Privacy Policy, to which you agree. Please check these terms regularly for changes that may have existed.